About Us

Blue Orange Media is a company that has proven itself in the field of marketing and consulting since its funding. In November 2016, company is acquired by the Ekoart Galaxy management, bringing brand, know-how, artists, crafts, business partners, business contracts, projects and other resources to the company.

Blue Orange Media is today one of the leading companies in the field of applied, theater, film and decorative scenography, interior design and exterior themes, designing specific elements for promotion and advertising, and is striving to innovate in the development of innovative products.

Each man possesses certain ideals and within he shapes his thoughts on the goals he wants to achieve. Of course it sometimes goes too far. Then it's as if they were heading for the stars.

Whatever Your personal philosophy is, success in each case depends on the means that will take You to the goal.

NOur key ability to reach a professional goal is the creative force and imagination that has been supported by many years of experience in many projects. We will accomplish your desires and goals while changing boundaries of possibilities.

We can all!


Ekoart gathers young, but top quality artists that put our products at the highest level. If necessary, we also develop cooperation with external associates. (we also team up with cooperants)


Meeting the highest standards and quality of the end product, we meet even the most demanding clients' needs.


Scenography is our primary passion. So far we have designed and built scenes for numerous theater plays, custom animation programs, fashion shows and other events.

Ricksha, coffee bike, promo bike…

We do everything that moves. Every our product has our unique artistic, original charm.


We produce tables, cabinets, counters, city lights, canopies, elevated floors ... .

Decorating the interior and exterior

OFrom the decoration for the summer through Easter to Advent.

Billboards, City Light, 3D Letters ...

Great challenges only, originality, premium quality.

Promotional elements

Originality, aesthetics, craftsmanship and other values make a recognizable, impressive and unique style, accepted as much by the clients as well as those for whom the visual is intended.

Furniture / functional elements

Our product is bespoke, according to the wishes and expectations of the customer.

Artistic installations

Our achievements carry messages about true values.

Graphic design

We also offer professional design of signs, logos, packaging design, vehicle paintings and production of original brand reminders.

Event organization

Sports competitions, exhibitions, promotions, campaigns...

Innovations and products

Our practice is custom made order according to the wishes and expectations of customers, but we also develop our own product lines for different purposes.


Toboggans and other equipment for playgrounds are a logical product that derives from our activities.

Considering we make tobbogans unique ,we use technique of direct sculpting and positive mold plastification.

This technique allows us to realize virtually every idea and creation in a relatively short time and at a competitive price.

Our slides are unique. Projects are also being produced according to the original suggestions of our creative team or according to sketches and wishes of the client. They are completely adapted to the space they are intended for.

Apart from the slides, we are able to produce almost all elements intended for children's playgrounds, swimming pools and similar, or elements for promotional purposes.

Rickshaws and other special purpose cycles

Our rickshaws are solid and reliable. The wearable parts are tested, standard and easy available.

The basis of our cycles is the chassis, the driving and the complementary part. We have developed, and now we apply two chassis designs - solid and foldable. In the folding design, the first part is used from a classic bicycle. Front and rear attachment assembly is mounted so that the complete front end can be replaced without major problems or that the front end mates with the rear wheel so it becomes bicycle again.

On such chassis we design and upgrade cabs at the customer's request. Such approach gives us the most diverse creative solutions.

Osim rikši, proizvodimo i druge cikle posebnih namjena. Na primjer, pokretne radnje s pogonom na pedale, reklamni kvadricikl ili redizajnirani bicikli s ugrađenim reklamnim površinama.

Na sva vozila ugrađujemo elektro motore ovisno o potrebi i željama kupaca.


Armchairs and other equipment for children's playgrounds must meet a variety of special requirements. Like toughness, extreme wear resistance, and so on, but they must also be visually original, impressive, cheerful, colorful and also be adapted to children on other ways.

Our armchairs are exactly that.

Screens, foto wall, light wall

For those looking for different, unique solutions for their spaces, we have created a rustic screen. The screen is made of two layers of wooden panels, on which first one is a visual relief to the customer's wishes.

In this category of products, we also manufacture photo walls of extreme dimensions and so called light walls with built-in lighting fixtures and light effects.

The purpose of such walls ranges from decorative to promotional.


Table, wall, ceiling, large, small, in extreme quantities and extreme sizes, according to our creation or Your order...

In the photographs, the model is made of water pipes and associated joining elements. This technique opens up the door to creative creation and making lamps in the form of real sculptures.

Illuminating pumpkin diameters over 1m and "DISCO" rustic letters with classic bulbs are also very illustrative of the unlimited nature of our capabilities.

Wardrobe for horsemen and similar

For a completely specific customer group we have created a wardrobe that meets a number of specific requirements, such as:

- mobility

- water resistance, wear resistance, rodents resistance etc.

- wardrobe space or place for specific items such as saddle, riding boots, horseshoes and so on.

In the category of nameplates we will also highlight a movable cabinet/ desk for the printer. table exterior is plexiglass cover and has built-in led lighting.


Originality, aesthetics, craftsmanship and other values make a recognizable, impressive and unique style, accepted as much as the clients as well as those for whom the visual is intended.

It is extremely difficult to present the entire work through a few photos. Do not miss to take a peek at the gallery.


Contact Us! We look forward to new cooperation!